Junior Campus

Welcome to Kindergarten

Information for Parents

Welcome to the beginning of your child’s school journey starting at Kindergarten! Together, we will ensure it is a positive one full of rich and varied experiences.

For the first time Australia has a national Early Years Framework that provides a map for educators who work with young children (birth –5) as they make that vital transition from home to school. Every child has a right to the best education in a secure and supportive environment, with play being the primary mode of learning. This play based approach embraces the 3 key areas:

  • Belonging
  • Being
  • Becoming

Play provides a context to explore, expand and express theories, relationships, attributes of the world (people, places, objects) communication, and ways of being, belonging and becoming. In short, play allows children to make sense of their world. The Early Years Learning Framework provides clear expectations through the following 5 learning outcomes:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity.
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.
  • Children are confident and involved learners.
  • Children are effective communicators.

The education programme provided at this centre deals with social, intellectual and physical skills. Before a child can successfully cope with any formal learning he/she must develop several important attributes: a willingness to share equipment and ideas; the ability to work in a group; and preparedness to listen to the opinion of others. During the year that your child is in Kindergarten we hope to develop in him/her the independence, confidence and skills that will ensure a smooth transition into Pre-Primary

Kindergarten Times

Full days- Drop off after 8:30 am and pick up at 3pm.

Kindergarten Timetable

AM Mat session Music Indoor activities (teacher directed, teacher facilitated, free play) Outdoor play (as above) Oral language (news, games)
PM Outdoor play (as above) Mat session Indoor activities (as above)


Please notify your teacher if your child is absent by either phoning that morning on 0436 617 107 or telling us verbally. If your child is sick or tired, please keep them at home.


Following the Kindy Parent Information meeting, and once groups are organised, parents will receive a letter detailing class lists and attendance for the first 3 weeks of the new school year.

Class meeting

Early in Term 1, each class will hold a class meeting during school time, where your teacher will discuss the Kindy goals, timetable and themes, as well as general housekeeping items. You will also be given relevant handouts and time for questions and discussion.


Please ensure your child has a spare set of clothes at all times in their school bag, in case of accidents. You may choose to send your child in comfortable and manageable clothing or the school uniform which can be purchased at the school office. Shoes need to be ones which children can manage independently such as Velcro grips or slip ons. Children are required to wear hats outside all year round. Make sure you label your child’s hat and jumper clearly. Please ensure your child has a spare set of clothes at all times in their school bag in case of accidents.


In this folder you will find a personal stationery items list. Please bring all items in on your child’s first session.

School bag

Bags need to be of a size large enough to fit in your child’s lunch box, drink bottle, clip board and spare set of clothes.


Early Term 1, your child’s teacher will administer the T.A.C (teacher assessment in communication) test to your child. You will be contacted if your child needs to be referred to the speech therapist.

Other School Support Services

Children who appear to be experiencing developmental, behavioural or health problems which are causing concern to either parents or the teacher can, with the consent of parents, be referred to appropriate support services such as the school nurse, occupational therapist or school psychologist. All children will be seen by the school nurse during the year, for a health check; in particular their eyesight and hearing. Forms for this check will be issued in Term 1.


Each fortnight, a Kindy newsletter will be sent home with your child informing you of our theme, concepts covered and any reminders or requests.

Parent Interviews

Please make an appointment with your child’s teacher for after school if you wish to discuss your child’s progress, before school is suitable for brief questions only.

Parent Helpers

We begin Parent Help in Term 2 after the children have had time to settle into our Kindy routine. Parents are welcome to place their name on the roster found outside the Kindy on the pin up board. Parents typically come in with their child, join in the mat session, run or assist with an activity and leave after fruit time. Another pair of hands is always welcome and your child enjoys seeing you there.

Morning Tea and Lunch

Please supply your child with a piece of fruit or vegetable in a container for each session. If your child is in the Kindy 2 group, they will attend on Wednesdays from 12pm – 2:30pm, parents have the option of sending children in with their lunch or a healthy snack if they have already eaten earlier. Please ensure your child has a labelled drink bottle of water only that they bring with them to every session. Please supply your child with healthy lunch foods. We discourage ‘junk foods’ as we cover healthy eating as part of our Kindy curriculum. The Kindy is a ‘nut free zone’.


You are welcome to bring in small muffins or cupcakes to celebrate your child’s birthday if you wish.


If you wish your child to catch the school bus, please register them on the website www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au

End of Day Pick Up

To avoid confusion at the end of the day, if your child is going home with someone else, please write it in our pick up book kept near the front door. If plans change during the day please phone the centre on 9731 1281 and leave a message with one of the staff. If your child usually catches a bus home and on any particular day won’t be, please ring the Kindy and let us know. Finally if your child is catching a bus they do not normally catch, a personal details form needs to be completed and given to the bus driver.


During the year, we participate in fundraisers such as Book club, Bulb Express etc. to raise money to spend on the current Kindy children. This is done under the umbrella of the P & C Association and we are required to have a parent representative from Kindy, if anyone would like to volunteer. The Kindy staff co-ordinate all fundraisers. All support given is greatly appreciated.