Our School

Our Staff

Principal – Jamie Milne James.Milne@education.wa.edu.au

Senior Campus Associate Principal – Fiona Hunter Fiona.Hunter@education.wa.edu.au

Junior Campus Deputy Principal – Alex Gibson Alexandra.Gibson@education.wa.edu.au

Senior Campus Deputy Principal – Megan Kremer   Megan.Kremer@education.wa.edu.au

Senior Campus Deputy Principal – Rebecca Smedley   Rebecca.Smedley@education.wa.edu.au

Manager Corporate Services – Sarah Bible Sarah.Bible@education.wa.edu.au


Junior Campus Teaching Staff

Classes Teachers
K1 Wendy Cain Wendy.cain@education.wa.edu.au
K2 Michelle Fernley Michelle.Fernley@education.wa.edu.au
Pre Primary
PP1 Caroline Foster Caroline.Foster@education.wa.edu.au
PP2 Heidi Walker Heidi.walker@education.wa.edu.au
Sara Williams Sara.Williams@education.wa.edu.au
Junior Cluster
Yr 1 Julie Atherton Julie.Atherton@education.wa.edu.au
Yr 1 Cristina Hartley Cristina.Hartley@education.wa.edu.au
Yr 1 Michelle Jones michelle.jones3@education.wa.edu.au
Yr1 Sue Turnbull susan.turnbull@education.wa.edu.au
Yr1/2 Tegan Kirk Tegan.Williams@education.wa.edu.au
Yr 2 Mandy Thompson Mandy.thompson@education.wa.edu.au
Middle Cluster
Yr 3 Kate Francis kate.francis@education.wa.edu.au
Yr 3 Sara Davies sara.davies@education.wa.edu.au
Yr 3 Elke Edwards elke.edwards@education.wa.edu.au
Yr 3/4 Elli Cooper elli.cooper@education.wa.edu.au
Senior Cluster
Yr 4 Abbey Briggs abbey-rose.briggs@education.wa.edu.au
Yr 4 Cristina Hartley cristina.hartley@education.wa.edu.au
Yr 5/6 Yvette Kmetty yvette.kmetty@education.wa.edu.au
Yr 5/6 Brett Marshall Brett.Marshall@education.wa.edu.au
Yr 5/6 Fuchsia Walz Fuchsia.Walz@education.wa.edu.au
Performing Arts Elke Edwards Elke.edwards@education.wa.edu.au
Physical Education Kylie Sheedy kylie.sheedy@education.wa.edu.au
Science/CCT Keryn Hempel keryn.hempel@education.wa.edu.au

















All staff at Donnybrook DHS meet legislated working with children requirements. All teaching staff are registered with the Teacher Registration Board of WA (TRB) as mandated by law and are appropriately qualified as Secondary and/or Primary teachers, holding Bachelor or Masters Degrees, from a variety of Tertiary Colleges and Universities. Teachers range in experience from 5 to 40+ years and undergo regular Professional Learning to maintain currency of pedagogy. We are proud of the dedication, professionalism and service provided by our staff and believe that these qualities provide the best environment for a positive educational experience for the students in our charge.

Our staff are devoted to developing their skills to meet the needs of the twenty first century learner, being professional and responsive to the challenges associated with significant curriculum change. Our current focus is working modern pedagogy, in a really rich Information Communication Technology (ICT) environment. A similar staff development focus is on dealing with mandated curriculum change as we adopt the National Curriculum. This change includes a move from an outcomes based syllabus to one requiring significantly more explicit instruction and a changing scope and sequence in the four nationally agreed areas: Numeracy, Literacy, Science and History. Other learning areas are in various stages of design and we will align these with requirements as the national curriculum implementation schedule is negotiated at State and Federal level.

In whole of school development, the focus is on Values and Social Learning to assist in developing ethical citizens who are socially competent. This is challenging, engaging and necessary work. It also embraces the emerging challenge for educators in dealing with the ethical and social learning of our students to become responsible digital citizens.

Beyond the national and system mandated change, as a school we have adopted a “design brief” that includes being innovative where we can and a clear focus on constructing engaging learning experiences for all year groups. Our whole staff, including Cleaners, Gardeners, Education Assistants, and School Support staff engage with the teaching professional to deliver these experiences.