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AdventureWorks and Mindful Education (ME)

AdventureWorks & Mindful Education (ME)
Students participate in timetabled lessons once a week called Mindful Education (ME). Mindful Education is intended to link with the AdventureWorks program helping students to develop skills around social and emotional capabilities. The areas that students and staff engage with are:

1. Self -Awareness
2. Self-Management
3. Social Awareness
4. Relationships Skills
5. Responsible Decision-Making

AdventureWorks and Mindful Education are linked together to create a safe and supportive environment for students to experience and share thoughts, ideas, problems and provide the time to discuss topics of importance for teenagers in today’s world. Many of the learning experiences involve a strong focus on connection with each other. Students engage in a variety of group activities that promote a deep, meaningful connection with others and it’s a vital component in building a strong, cohesive and caring school community.

During Mindful Education sessions teacher and students engage with each other promoting respect, giving everyone the space to have an opinion and share how they are feeling about aspects of everyday life. Self-reflection and student-centred sessions make up the experiences allowing students to be the drivers behind the intend of each lesson guided and facilitated by our caring staff.

AdventureWorks has a strong focus on enabling our students to learn skills that will help them transition into adulthood. The focus is embedded around the idea that students need to connect to self, nature, and community to enable them to develop skills that will help them deal with life as a young adult. AdventureWorks have tailored a program to suit the needs of students from our school which is also embedded in the Mindful Education sessions run throughout the year.

AdventureWorks involves students engaging in 1 camp and several incursions through the year to enhance learning around the Social and emotional capabilities. Camps support the strong focus on getting into nature and disconnecting from the digital world, for students to have time with each other and themselves to discover WHO they really want to be. Camps become longer and provide more challenges as the students move through the lower secondary years. The journey uses adventure and challenge to find character and strengths to start conversations about the stuff that really matters to young adults. There is special magic that can happen when students are given the space to explore, connect and find out that there is more in them than they think possible.

Our Student Leadership team from Years 6-10 have an opportunity every term to work with AdventureWorks in developing their skills around student leadership and providing opportunities to enhance the school environment for their peers.