Our School

Why have a School Board?

All public schools under the School Education Act 1999 are required to have a Board, with parent and or community members being in the majority. The Act reinforces the importance of the partnerships between schools, parents and the wider community so students can achieve the highest standards.

The DDHS School Board is formed with the primary purpose of enabling parents and members of the Donnybrook Community to engage in decision making that is in the best interests of our students and will enhance the education provided by our school.

Who is the School Board?

The Board decides upon its structure taking into account the nature of the student population and the school community. A School Board may have between 5 to 15 members from the following groups.

Parents and Community members must form the majority of Board.

Donnybrook District High School Board Positions and Membership

Parent Member

David Watson (CHAIR)
Email: davidjwatson79@gmail.com
Ph: 08 9731 1896
Mobile: 0417 931 030

Amanda McNab (VICE CHAIR)
Email: aemcnab@59@gmail.com
Mobile: 0427 888 301

Jesse Richards
Email: Jesse.claire.richards@gmail.com
Mobile: 0488 338 522

Casandra Gibson
Email: cj_gibson@hotmail.com
Mobile: 0422 714 498

Tahnee Ellefsen
Email: ellefsen@live.com.au
Mobile: 0431 215 249

Tara Carroll
Email: taj_911@hotmail.com
Mobile: 0456 855 263

Karen Martella
Email: kamartella@gmail.com
Ph: 9731 6209
Mobile: 0437 171 082

Community Member

Susie Delaporte
1 Bentley Street
Email: Susie.delaporte@donnybrook.wa.gov.au
Mobile: 08 9780 4200

Staff Members

James Milne (Principal)
58 Mead Street

Jonelle McLoughlin 
DDHS – Senior Campus
10 Bentley Street
Email: Jonelle.McLoughlin@education.wa.edu.au
Ph: 08 97324300

Isabella Hancock
DDHS – Junior Campus
58 Mead Street
Email: Isabella.Hancock@education.wa.edu.au
Ph: 08 97324400

Co – Opted Members

Fiona Hunter (Associate Principal)
DDHS – Senior Campus
10 Bentley Street
Email: Fiona Hunter@education.wa.edu.au
Ph: 08 9732 4300

Holly Carter (Deputy Principal)
DDHS – Junior Campus
58 Mead Street
Email: Holly.Carter@education.wa.edu.au
Ph: 08 9732 4400


Sarah Bible
DDHS – Junior Campus
58 Mead Street
Donnybrook   WA   6239
Email: Sarah.Bible@education.wa.edu.au
Ph: 9732 4400