Our School


We have a strong focus on creating a caring and supportive learning environment. This means that all students are given the opportunity to achieve success through our education programs. Our teachers spend time getting to know each student to create a teaching and learning program that meets their individual needs.

The curriculum we offer is developmental in the sense that it acknowledges that individuals learn at different rates and in different ways.

In today’s fast paced, frequently changing world we believe it is imperative for children to develop resilience. Our students are encouraged to be active participants in their learning and to develop strategies throughout their schooling that will enable them to develop resilience to change. That is, students are given the opportunity to explore and develop strategies, including being prepared to take measured risk and to learn from failures, that will enable them to be socially competent, ethically aware and active citizens in the wider community. Our school programs include (but are not limited to):

  • A strong focus on creating and maintaining an Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) rich learning environment.
  • Whole School English and Mathematic programs that are designed to prepare students for each Phase of Schooling.
  • A whole School Science program that is designed to stimulate students’ interests in the area of Science.
  • A whole school Humanities and Social Sciences program that develops the student’s ability to question, think critically, make decisions, and communicate effectively.
  • Indonesian Languages Program on both campuses.
  • A strong Physical Education Program with specialists across both sites supporting objectives in participation and talent development.
  • A sub-school program which is designed to focus on the creation of appropriate learning environments:

    • Early Childhood – Kindergarten to Year 2;
    • Primary – Years 3 to 6; and
    • Senior Years 7 to 10 (preparation for post compulsory schooling).
  • Enrichment and extension class experiences for those who display talent across the curriculum.
  • Numerous in-school activities, camps, excursions that exist to enhance and support the curriculum.
  • Structured Work-Place Learning Opportunities for high school students as appropriate to need.
  • Nationally accredited Certificate course in Business for Year 9 and 10 students.
  • Youth Emergency Services Cadet program to foster belonging and commitment to our our broader community.