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Years 7 – 8

We have two  Year 7 classes at Bentley Street. Students in these classes remain in their home room for their core learning in English, Maths and Society and Environment, following the Australian Curriculum. These students are advantaged by having access to specialist high-school teachers and quality facilities for Science, Art, D&T and Home economics, as well as Physical Education and Health and are supported by the primary deputy at Bentley Street.

Our primary students undertake a guided transition program to help them adjust to changes from the Mead Street to the Bentley Street Campus and are supported by caring year leaders. It rarely takes the students long to adjust to and enjoy their new working spaces.

Our Year 7 students on the Bentley Street campus are in a unique position to take advantage of high-school facilities and specialist teachers and we have taken great care to construct a Year 7 learning experience to match both the standard senior primary experience and value –add. We do this by using our specialist teachers and facilities in Design and Technology, Home Economics and I.C.T. to offer practical hands-on learning experiences which students apply to engaging problem solving activities suited to these settings. 21st Century students at this age (11 to 13) are ready for such experiences and have responded positively to these opportunities