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Years 9 – 10

Our mission across Years 9 – 10, is to focus on developing the adolescent learner, in both skills and knowledge, such that they are prepared for the challenges of Senior School (Years 11 and 12), or for the world of Training or for employment or a combinations of these three.

Our programs and standards of performance are directly linked to State and Australian Curriculum requirements.

Our approach takes advantage of our smaller size and each of our students is known by staff. The focus is on each individual realizing their potential and we provide both support and challenges across the curriculum to achieve this. Our programs are equally focussed on academic rigour and the provision of VET opportunities. Measures of our success include high numbers of our students winning academic prizes in Senior Schools both public and private in Bunbury. In addition we have a high success rate in our students gaining prestigious apprenticeship and trainee placements.

As a major focus we spend a lot of resources on giving our students leadership training and opportunities. Our signature peer support program and Student Representative Council gives our student leaders meaningful and productive leadership roles. Many of them go on to be leaders elsewhere.

In distinctive program terms we have by Year 10 developed “an applied engineering” approach in Design and Technology. Our students annually achieve success in the Electric Vehicle challenge and also have designed and built wind turbines as well as engaged in various challenges associated with applications of solar energy. We have also developed a Certificate 1 pathway in Hospitality in Year 10.

Our new facilities in Home Economics, Art, Science and D & T and our ICT rich classrooms means our students work at developing 21st Century skills in facilities designed to support their future needs.

Our whole senior campus Years 7 – 10 has a transition focus, on the one hand dealing with senior primary to lower secondary and then the lower secondary preparation for the challenge beyond Donnybrook. The senior campus enterprise is built on valuing people, and we have the “Choose Respect” program as a driver of our positive learning culture.